Jumbo Tank           

The Jumbo Tank has a "Patented Lifting Mechanism", protecting the operator from:-      
-    Accidental Spillages       
-    Accidental Scaldings       
-    Potential Back-Strains and
-    Promotes Safe Lifting Posture      

     No need for specialist plumbing       
     Plug-n-Go (Easy Installation)       
     Automatic Lifting Mechanism (one of a kind)       
     Fully Mobile (On castors 120mm)       
     2Kw Heating Element       
     1,5" Ball-Valve


Budget Tank   

The Budget Tank is a simple, no-nonsense, user-friendly and extremely robust decarbonizer system specifically marketed towards:-   

-    Deep-Clean Contractors
-    Small/Medium Size Restaurants
-    Small/Medium Size Hotels
-    Small/Medium Size Bakeries

     No need for specialist plumbing
     Plug-n-Go (Easy Installation)
     Fully Mobile (On castors 75mm)
     1,5Kw Heating Element
     1" Ball-Valve